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Uriah™ (Mega Brixx Multi-Chain Carbohydrates) (32 oz)




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Our URIAH, is the holy grail, we assembled an amazing microbial carbohydrate source that will not spoil or gunk in Hydroponics systems. A supercharged Plant carbohydrate with a total of 6 differing short, medium and long chain carbohydrates in the formula including the molasses = 7 differing carbohydrates in the URIAH with NON SPOIL SCIENCE. Taste & Smell what you’ve been missing nothing comes close!

Uriah™ (Mega Brixx Multi-Chain Plant Carbohydrates)

Surprisingly, we see quite often that in the established protocols of long term growers that there has not been a lot of attention and care set aside for the soil! Guys! (and Gals) The plants can NOT ‘eat’ the nutrients you give it as they are in macro form. The soil and its workforce (the ‘Bugs’) are responsible for breaking the nutrients down into micro form, enabling the plant to uptake those nutrients. Now here is where the plant vitality would come into play, where we would dicuss the efficiency of the uptake. The point… the Factory (‘soil”) for your workers (the ‘Bugs’) can not be disregarded if you truly desire a robust harvest. Our AZORIAH™ product is specifically designed to be the Bug Resources Liason, however we still must ensure the working conditions are sufficient. In order for the Bugs to do their job they need fuel – carbohydrates that is. That’s right, in order to get that High Brixx, you gotta get that sugar to the Bugs! Seeing as how we are dealing with deficient plants world over, which are seriously low on Brixx levels, we must supplement the Factory so the Microbes have a 5 course meal so they can do their best work. You see, in a perfect world where the Brixx levels of plants are where they should be, the plant fodder (leftovers post harvest) decompose in the soil over winter and the high Brixx provides the carbohydrates! Earth is sustainable when it is not handicapped from chemical overdose. URIAH™ is a compilation of natural sourced Earth Sweets that are short and long chain carbohydrates. Comprised primarily of a High Brixx cold processed Molasses which has been enhanced with rare high brixx plant sources! This product is a much needed Super Food for your soil food web network. These natural sugars can send your microbes into overdrive!Our URIAH™, is the holy grail, we assembled an amazing microbial carbohydrate source that will not spoil or gunking. A supercharger total of 6 differing short, medium and long chain carbohydrates in the formula including Triacontanol and the zwitterionic surfactants and molasses = 7 differing carbohydrates in the URIAH™.

Do you desire nutrient dense soil? As explained, those Bugs are directly responsible for turning your macro nutrients into micro nutrients usable by plants. In just a teaspoon of healthy soil, there should on average be one to three billion bacteria, up to 40 miles of fungal hyphae, and 500,000 protozoa! These bugs feed on sugar and here at MB we have set the dinner table and promoting a diverse soil network. This is the only sustainable process to decompose organic materials, producing bio-available plant nutrients and allowing simultaneous growth of vitality in the soil!

Get some today and rest easy knowing you have an energized Farming Army working through the night! First in its class with no spoil technology giving you the sugar rush for your hydroponics resevior without the gunk or slimy build-up. Taste & Smell what you’ve been missing!


DISCLAIMER: This product may cause: soil to soften, soil to sweeten, microbial cfu increase, auto adjust stabilized P.H. levels, extreme root growth, multiple fruit sets, annuals to become perennials, increased ornamental flower blooms, increased seed sets/grains, alleviate Hollow Stem Syndrome causing increased forage and grain yields, swell/increased brixx levels. extreme aromatics in flowers and may revive “dead” (AEE) fields, strengthens weak/tired genetics in trees and plants with continued use. As a result, users should adjust their current operations in order to accommodate these irregular benefits.

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